Select GOLS – Where the unusual is usual.

Select GOLS.  Don’t panic – it’s not an election slogan for politicians!  Rather it’s a co-operative between eight ambitious winemakers from Gols.  A happy bunch tied together by friendship and great ideas.

Select GOLS.  The choice is simple, our goals clearly defined.  Roots and vision, tradition and forward thinking.  Play by the book and mix in the unconventional.  Independence and synergy, character and a hint of funky.  And we never lose our focus – to raise the unique red wine from Gols to new levels of greatness.  With these guidelines in mind, our goal is to create a new regional type of wine: the GOLS.

You may be asking yourself, and rightly so, why there are ten incredibly attractive men on the accompanying photo.  Apart from being amongst the finest of wine-o-holics, we thought we’d give you a little mathematical puzzle:
8 ambitious wineries and ten winemakers.  How does that work?  Two pairs of brothers!