GOLS – a wine with style

Is there something missing from your wine?  You’ll find it in GOLS.  That’s the promise of Select Gols.  We’ve only used grapes that originate in our village vineyards and we’ve only used the traditional vines – Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent and Pinot noir.

Each of the Select GOLS winemakers creates his own individual cuvee, with stylish variations.  And yet in each of our wines you will still find that deep rooted essence that signifies a wine from Gols.  Unique.  That’s why we at Select GOLS don’t need to resort to imaginative names.  What you find in the glass is quite simply - GOLS.

Our price system is just as unique as our GOLS.  There are minimal differences in price.  Each Select GOLS winemaker sells his GOLS wine for similar if not identical prices.  That’s what we consider to be a good price.