The Wine Metropolis

My wine – GOLS

Gols is the home of good wine and that in the literal sense of the word.  People with a nose for good wine head for this utopia.  It’s easy to find if you know the right co-ordinates – 47° 53' 52" N, 16° 54' 32" E.  In any case the place is always worth a visit although you might have trouble leaving again…

There’s no lack of inspiration and that may be due to the landscape.  Here’s the Parndorf flatland.  The "pannonian" heathlands (Heideboden) are next door and there’s Lake Neusiedl.  The climate is favourable and welcoming.  No wonder our grapes feel right at home.  And the panorama is straight out of a picture book – vineyards as far as you can see.

Just a few facts for the statisticians amongst you.  The town of Gols (elevation 130 m) is 4,223 hectares large, of which 1600 hectares have been converted to vineyards.  Approximately 3,500 people populate our town and 2,800 are wine connoisseurs.
About 150 wineries are located in Gols.
We have 2 churches and even a tourist information office.
And that just about sums things up.